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Patient Stories

At Mutual Orthopedics, we consider ourselves your orthotist and prosthetist for life. We encourage all new patients to view these stories as doctor reviews that will give you insight into the long-term relationships we form with our patients over years of care and adjustments. By providing the best orthotic and prosthetic devices and the best patient care, we hope to help you live your best life.

Claudia D., 46, Commack, NY

Claudia D. is a bundle of energy and is naturally inclined to help other people. As a special education teacher, and happily married, she doesn't allow herself much downtime, despite having had 43 surgeries throughout her life.

Claudia was born with spina bifida, the most common birth defect in the United States. Spina bifida resulted in Claudia's having ankle and foot anomalies, which require her to wear bilateral solid ankle/foot orthoses. “The orthoses literally hold my ankles together,” she said. “Without them, I couldn't walk.”

Claudia's orthoses let her walk independently, although when longer periods of mobility are required, she relies on a cane, and sometimes a wheelchair. She is also able to exercise and uses the Stairmaster, but refrains from high-impact aerobics.

She has relied on Mutual Orthopedics since she was in her early teens. “They have never steered me wrong about an appliance,” Claudia said.

“I rarely have to go back for adjustments,” she adds, noting that the exception is her annual pre-summer visit to get new leg straps for a spiffier look when wearing shorts.

“They are very accommodating. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Darlene M., 63, Islip, NY

Darlene M. was only seven years old when her right leg was amputated below the knee, a result of being born with a very thin tibia. “I don't remember much about adjusting to a prosthesis at that age,” she said. "But Mutual Orthopedics was there for me from the very beginning.”

Remaining active is important to Darlene, as she works part-time in customer service and enjoys working out regularly, including going to the gym and walking around her neighborhood.

For the past 10 years, Darlene has worn a pin lock system socket with a Flex-Foot, which gives her enhanced mobility. “The prosthesis fits me perfectly,” she said. “It allows me to be active and it has an extremely comfortable fit.”

Having worked with the company for more than 55 years, Darlene is appreciative of the care she has received from all she has worked with at Mutual Orthopedics. “Everyone is wonderful to me. They are all down to earth and have great manners when it comes to dealing with their clients,” she said. “Whenever I have an issue, which happens rarely, they take care of it immediately.”

Eric P., 45, Brooklyn, NY

At the age of 43, Eric and his family suffered the unexpected death of his mother. While informing his sister of their mom’s passing, she fainted, causing both of them to tumble down a flight of stairs. Eric sustained a broken left leg in two places, which was set and placed in a cast. Two weeks later, he developed an infection in the broken leg, which was initially diagnosed as the flu, so he was given medication to combat the flu-like symptoms. Not feeling better after another week, he visited another hospital and he went into a coma. Two weeks later, he awoke from the coma to learn that in a life-saving surgery, his leg was amputated below the knee.

While in the hospital, he worked with another local prosthetics company and was fit with a temporary prosthetic leg. “It was poorly constructed and did not fit well,” Eric said. “I started contacting different organizations, one of them being Limbs for Life, and it was recommended that I contact Anthony at Mutual Orthopedics. An appointment was arranged with Anthony and he was surprised at the old technology that was used on the temporary leg.”

Anthony, who was open with Eric from the first day about how they would work together and willing to use new products introduced on the market, fit him with LIM Innovations prosthesis, and Eric said it was a night and day difference. “Anthony had me walking perfectly less than 30 days after I started using the LIM Innovations socket. I was the first person in the northeast part of the country to use this product.”

Less than a year after the amputation, Eric returned to his job as a New York City bus driver, something he wasn’t sure was possible. “Mutual Orthopedics is a great family company and I am humbled by how they treat me. When I have an issue, it is resolved within a day,” he said.

“I consider Anthony to be a friend, and he is someone that takes great pride in his work. Mutual Orthopedics stands by its products. Anthony has always said that if it doesn’t work right at first, he’ll keep working at it until it fits correctly. I hope Anthony never changes how he runs his business.”

Married with two sons, Eric said, “It was important to get back on my feet so I could do things with my wife and kids. I was depressed and Anthony gave me back the freedom that I had lost. As a matter of fact, I have more freedom than I ever did, because I don’t take anything for granted.”

As a way to give back, Eric speaks to other amputees who are going through the same struggles he experienced. “I try to help them navigate the situation. I volunteer my time to try to point them in the right direction.”

Even though the family plans to move to Florida in the future, Eric knows that he will still utilize Mutual Orthopedics. “I’ll come back to New York to work with Anthony,” he said. “It’s a sense of security that you cannot buy.”

Michael B., 61, Long Island, NY

As a 26-year-old, Michael was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in his left leg being amputated below the knee. He first came in contact with the staff of Mutual Orthopedics as the company worked closely with the hospital where Michael received treatment after the amputation.

First working with (uncle’s first name) Tufano, then with Antonio Tufano, and now for nearly 20 years with Anthony, Michael has always been impressed with all the people he has worked with at Mutual Orthopedics. “Every leg that I’ve had fitted has been phenomenal.  The quality is always very high,” he said. “Their goal is to always make you feel comfortable and they don’t let you leave unless everything feels good and works properly.”

Having worked as an auto mechanic before the accident, Michael returned to that vocation for a couple more years wearing a prosthesis. After getting comfortable with his prosthesis, he returned to riding motorcycles, something he did until 2017.

Michael now spends time on his boat fishing and staying active. “The way Mutual Orthopedics does business is phenomenal,” he said. “I highly recommend the company for its commitment to quality care.”

Ed G., 46, Brooklyn, NY

In 2006, Ed, who worked in TV production, including as a camera person and editor, was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a serious car crash. As a result of the accident, Ed’s right leg was amputated below the knee.

His physician recommended that he contact Mutual Orthopedics for his prosthesis and Ed is extremely happy that he followed that advice. “I could not be more satisfied with the service that I receive from Anthony and the Mutual Orthopedics staff,” he said. “Everyone is so personable and Anthony is a person you can easily talk to.”

Three years after the initial auto accident, Ed was again riding in a vehicle that was involved in a crash. The injury he suffered necessitated that further amputation be done to his right leg, leaving him an above knee amputee.

Ed, who wears a LIM Innovations prosthesis, enjoys his visits to the Mutual Orthopedics Brooklyn office. “Anthony does whatever is needed to not only get his patients moving, but keep them moving,” he said. “Everyone there goes above and beyond.”