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RHEO Knee®
The RHEO Knee is known as “the first artificially intelligent knee system that has the ability to learn and adapt to its user's movements, resulting in a continually improved and optimized performance.” Manufacturer Össur collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to produce a knee that automatically learns and adapts to the user's movements and adjusts swing and stance resistance for optimal response and stability without the need for programming. It compiles information about the wearer's movements and programs itself. However, a set-up mode does allow a prosthetic practitioner to fine tune parameters.

The POWER KNEE™ from Össur replaces true muscle activity to bend and straighten the knee as required. Delivering powered extension when standing up, controlled resistance when descending, and active flexion and extension during walking, the POWER KNEE facilitates symmetrical weight distribution and natural gait.

The Össur Flex-Foot is designed for energy efficiency, stability, and to create a natural gait for the wearer. Each component features the active heel and full length toe lever, plus proportional response and shock absorption. All contribute to a very natural, comfortable, and confident gait.

Össur Pro-Flex is a prosthetic foot that uses complementing levers connected through pivots to create mechanically-powered push off. Combining 27 degrees of ankle motion and significantly greater ankle power than conventional carbon fiber feet, it closely mimics regular biomechanics, delivering a proven 11% reduction in load on the contralateral limb.

Össur Re-Flex Rotate™
Designed for the individual who walks aggressively or engages in activities that require some degree of rotation, such as swinging a golf club or other appliance. The internal titanium coil spring of Re-Flex Rotate™ both reduces impact and enhances control and comfort during everyday activities.

Proprio Foot™
Össur’s Proprio Foot™ provides artificial proprioception – the sense of where the limb is in space. Patented artificial intelligence (AI) sorts out the information from the foot’s sensor technology and activates the most appropriate response for the next step.

i-limb® ultra
The i-limb ultra prosthetic hand is designed for those who want more from their prosthesis. With the i-limb ultra, your prosthesis looks and moves like a natural hand. Motorized digits allow the hand to bend at the joints of each digit and individual stall out technology gives the hand a compliant grip so that the hand accurately conforms around the shape of the object being grasped. Utilizing its pulsing and vari-grip features, the i-limb ultra allows the user to increase the strength of their grip around an object. This can be very useful in situations where a firmer grasp is required, such as tying shoelaces tightly or opening a tightly closed jar of food.

i-limb® quantum
The i-limb® quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb® quantum in one of four directions – it really is that simple.