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Quality Patient Care

Quality is extremely important to us. We have high quality-assurance requirements and utilize special practices to ensure each prosthesis and orthosis delivered meets our exacting standards. The quality of the patient care is just as critical as the quality of the devices we fabricate.

Patient satisfaction, fit, and comfort are the keys to our success. Once a patient is fit with the device, our ABC-certified practitioners complete a 20-point checkout process to make certain that fit, function, and quality meet the patient’s expectations and ours.

No matter your age, our goal is to give you back your mobility and your independence. To find the best solutions, it’s imperative that we listen to your experiences before providing nurturing guidance. With one-on-one personal attention, we are available for our patients every step of the way, ensuring that your needs are being met and that you’re happy with your orthotic or prosthetic device and with our patient care.

We look forward to helping you achieve the comfort and independence you deserve. Please contact Mutual Orthopedics with any questions or to schedule an appointment.